Nansha of Guangzhou elaborates latest expat-related policies

A promotion on personal banking, house leasing, and entry & exit policies was held at Nansha Library in Guangzhou on August 26.
The introduction of Exit and Entry Administration Law & Regulations was delivered by Officer Wang from Nansha Public Security Bureau. He introduced categories and issuance of visas, administration of stay and residence, accommodation registration, and illegal residence and employment.
The Law Lecture on House Lease Contracts was presented during the promotion, including the basic content, sublease, rental, and other charges, as well as matters needing attention.
(Photo provided to GDToday)
Bank account services, payment, cross-border trade settlement, social security, financial services, and integrated services for expats were also elaborated by a representative from the Bank of China.
As for expats who didn’t attend the promotion, a video recording is available at the Home of Foreign Nationals Service Platform. Users can access the platform via the Suiyue Mini Program (“社区随约服务网上驿站”小程序). The presentation of the seminar was given in English.
According to the organizer, the promotion aims to help expats better settle in the local community by familiarizing them with related policies and services, which contributes to the construction of the Nansha International Community.
The promotion attracted more than 80 Nansha residents and foreign-invested enterprises’ representatives from about ten countries and regions, including India, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Poland, Malaysia, Cameroon, and Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Macao.
“It is very helpful for me. I also went to the presenters and asked some questions about the rent agreement,” said Kate from Russia, who has stayed in Nansha for one year and a half.

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